My new journey…I have breast cancer

There I was driving to a friend’s house when I received a phone call that I never thought I would get specially at my age of 29. When the words, your breast biopsy came back positive for cancer, came out of the doctor’s mouth, my heart stopped, it took all of me not to stop my car in the middle of the road. I cried so much, called my husband and my mom and told them, I was devastated. In that moment my life had completely changed, as if being bipolar and homeschooling mom of two spirited highly sensitive boys was not enough to keep this mami busy and in a constant battle with her emotions. A wave of fear hit me for a few days, the fear that I am not ready to leave my boys and my family, fear of being alone in this process and not being strong enough to handle this decease on top of my already busy daily life.

The diagnosis according to the oncologist is that I have ductal carcinoma on my right breast with metastasis to the lymph nodes, I have stage 3 A breast cancer with ER/PR positive and Her2 negative. Those are some big words and have been for sure hard to swallow.

After a few days of letting the news sink in my mom came to stay with me while I go thru the beginning of this process. I was so grateful to have my mom with me, there’s nothing like their warm, comfort and love to make a hurting daughter feel better. She helped so much and gave me a whole weekend for my self to help get in touch with my spiritual self and come to terms with God knowing that I am not alone.

I am so impressed at the amount of love and support I have had from my big family Blanco and Repollet. As soon as I told them the news they all pitched in to send me financial gifts and so much love. Then all of my friends from all the places I have lived came together and sent me their payers, good vibes and love. If I ever thought I was alone, God really showed me His love for me thru all the outstanding people that surround me thru this new journey.

For a while now we have been changing our eating habits and implementing more healthier choices such as organic foods, non-gmo, alkaline kangen water and eliminating sugar as much as possible. So when I found out I had breast cancer my husband, some friends and family started helping us research healthier options to help the fight of cancer like the Gerson Therapy. After long days of getting information we decided to drastically change my diet to, vitamins, tumeric, cinammon, viatmin D3, fruits and veggies smoothies, greens and carrot juices from a juicer, organic coffee enemas, kangen alkaline water, soups and eliminating sugar completely. I think that diet has helped my body fight this cancer and keep me feeling great with energy and strength.

My husband and kids have been an amazing support. My husband is my Rock and I can not imagine going thru this new journey without him. He has stepped up to the plate and been outstanding, helping me with the kids like never before, helping me prepare my meals and holding me every time I fall emotionally. I have made sure to answer any questions my boys have and assured them there’s no need to be afraid because Mami will do her best to keep her faith strong and be there with them for as long as God allows. I started taking them to counseling to make sure we all deal with our emotions in a healthy way.

Thanks so much everyone for being there for me thru this new journey with breast cancer.



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