Recap and Christmas

I have been off here for a long while because i didn’t have a computer but mostly because I have been busy growing. I now got a computer for Christmas so I can finally blog freely.

There’s been a lot of changes since my last post. I started working at a Christian Preschool. I teach the two year old room for three days a week for 4 hours in the morning. You would think that a part-time job wouldn’t change some ones life that much but let me tell you it took me thru a new journey. I hurt my back very severe at the end of July so had to be on bed rest for a week. Then trying to start and prep for my class was very difficult because I could not lift anything or move much. It completely made me feel hopeless and powerless. God knows I needed to surrender to Him so he made it happen for me to reach a point of complete defeat and complete trust in Him. I started work and at first it was a much harder change than i thought; there was a lot more expected from me and I had my own expectations of what I should do. Time went by and I kept feeling uncomfortable where I was, I had to do some deep searching and found that I just take longer to adjust to changes than some. I just needed to sit in my mess and embrace it.

I now love my job and still trying to figure out Gabriel’s rhythm with homeschooling. He has been having a hard time adjusting to our new routine. Thanks to help from my mommy friends I have let him at least just read a book or two a day for his school time while we find a new routine that works best for him. That is why i love homeschooling, I can take a break, find a new way to teach, learn from his learning style and just embrace our homeschooling for what it is. I think the teacher side of me wants our style to be very structured and rigid but the reality is that we are more unschoolers that anything, we are very flexible with our learning strategies and relaxed. I even got me a new planner that will help me focus on my goals. I am very content with where I am in life right now and look forward on my new journey that keeps changing with time.

Now that I have catched  you up on my life let me tell you about this Christmas. Every year, for Christmas, since i was married we would go to my parents, visit in-laws or have friends over, but a couple of years ago we moved due to husband’s work and we had to start our own little family traditions. Starting new traditions have been hard for this girl who takes for ever to get used to change. It’s been a year now that my parents and sister moved away to Delaware and I did not realize how much I missed them till I put up our Christmas tree. Not having them around has very hard on me, specially since my boys got so used to seeing them frequently. However this year I started a new hobby of crocheting and I was determined to make something special for my family, so I made a crochet hat for my dad, a scarf for my sister and had a nice crochet hooks and tools case made for my mom. Picking out special gifts for them really made me feel good and it was almost like I was sending them a piece of myself with those gifts. Now that I have realized that they are far away I decided, like I said before, to start our own family traditions so I am excited that this year we will do our matching pijamas we do with my whole dad side of the family (we all pick a pattern from old navy, buy it, take a pic with it on Christmas eve then post picture on facebook and one of us makes a collage, making it look like we are all together even tho we really are miles apart). Also I wanna start opening a board game present on Christmas Eve for us to play games as a family and open Christmas books on Christmas Eve to read a book before bed. Christmas for us this year will be all about spending time with each other and being grateful to God for keeping us together thru the storms and thru the happy memories. Christmas for us is about not forgetting our loved ones and treasuring every memory made with them. Christmas for us is watching movies together on Christmas day and remember that it is Jesus Birthday and we are very grateful that He was born to give us the greatest gift, life.

I hope you all have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many blessings from La Familia Perez-Munoz, hopefully we can take a picture that has daddy in it lol



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