The Sun Shined for Us Today

The sun shined for us today and that makes me happy. That is one of, my son Gabriel, favorite thing to say. Our days are usually spent outside, as highly sensitive persons and spirited children that we are, we connect better with nature and sound. Connections with nature’s best sunshine, rain, breeze, bugs, animals, plants, etc, trigger our whole nervous system in an incredible way. It can be positive or negative depending on the magnitude of the sound.

For example: I am very sensitive to loud noises but if I’m outside where there’s water, the water noise takes the edge of the sounds, making it soothing for my body and soul. My kids enjoy being outside as well but it took me a while to be okay with that.

I used to be very paranoid about what my kids did or didn’t do. I had to get informed amd be aware of their world and surroundings, and learn what’s their passion. I discovered that the sun is very important for not only us but every living thing, I know it sounds dumb, but it was very awakening to realize how important it is for our emotions.

This week I took them to the “beach” in Jackson for the first time and it was AMAZING. It proved one more time how much my boys love the sun and the water, especially when they are together because they make rainbow.



Don’t let your emotions rule your day. Go find some sun, water and create your own rainbow.



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