Home is where my familia is

Home is where the family is. When our lives took a 360 degree flip, back in December 2012, I thought we had lost everything but no we had each other. At the time of us moving to Chattanooga (February 2013), we gave a lot of stuff away because we went from a big house to a small apartment. So for a long while we had the main appliances, necessities, and minimun decor around our home. Slowly, as time passed, we adquired a few things and it shaped our place better.

Once we moved to Georgia (April 2014), I had a vision of how I wanted my home to look, what I wanted on the walls, how I wanted things organized, etc. So I started pinning some ideas on pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/unique4mygs/

Well a year later (May 2015) I have to say I’m FINALLY happy to how my home looks. No matter how my emotions say I feel, I can look at my home and feel joy and the beauty my husband and I hard sacrificies has paid off.

It is very important for u to love ur home because it is where the people you love the most, you family, lives. Find joy and grace in the little things. Ask for help if you need someone to guide you or partner with you to clean and keep it breathable. Also don’t stress if it’s not always clean, as long as you made it alive each day and smiled, is all good.


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