Bedtime is FINALLY here

Oh how ALL moms count the seconds to bedtime. Even if your bedtime is messy, those seconds after they have finally laid their energies to rest and close their eyes to sleep, r sacred.

I do not know about y’all, but I thought I had to be super mom and do it all before bedtime. I thought I was supposed to always read them a bedtime story, cuddle with them, do all this bedtime rituals and day after day I would stress myself that I would miss a step and mess up their memories  and dreams of bedtime with Mami.

A couple of months ago I started becoming aware of my bipolar triggers, my mami stressors. Started letting go of the people, places and things that were taking my peace away. One of those things was stop trying to be this unbreakable mother and start connecting with your children more, specially before bed.


A couple of weeks ago I started a routine of by 830pm, boys start brushing teeth, putting on pajamas. By 9pm I start laying them down, and covering them. If I was feeling ok I will cuddle with them and reading them a book but knowing that they will survive if I didn’t. Some days I would use a For SLEEP playlist from Pandora to start setting the mood, mainly for me because really is ME and my mind that need to unwind from the daily struggles and joys.

Always remember that you mom aren’t perfect, by being aware of your emotions daily and using your words to your children, you can change the scene from disaster to peace when it comes to bedtime.

Here are my reasons to live each day, my boys Gabriel Armando & Giancarlo… oh how I love #MamiMakingMemories !

2014_4 _ 26


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