the sound of Nature


As a highly sensitive person my body reacts well to peaceful nature sounds, even tho the lightest loud noise will trigger it I carry ear studs just in case. I don’t know what is it about being outside and the sun is shinning for us as Gabriel calls it, that brings a smile to my face even if I’m struggling on the inside.


As an unschooling familia, we do not use curriculum, we just let our kids explore and learn from nature, surroundings indoors and outdoors and always get a book about what they want to learn.

I have been learning to let my kids be kids, especially outside because inside the mess is when I know they enjoyed and explored the most. I wasn’t always like that tho, for the longest time I let my fears as a parent reflect in my words, each time I told them: “be careful, don’t jump, watch out for that messy water” I was afraid of them getting messy, it’s funny now but I really thought that. Awareness is key.


This article changed how I exposed my worries and fears to my kids in a healthy way:

Here are some pictures that show what an AMAZING time we had exploring Nature and learning. This #MamiMakingMemories experience was incredible and I’ll treasure it forever.

IMG_20150424_132756By the way, our nature journey this week was with amazing mami friends and our beautiful children. Hardly ever we go enjoy outdoors by ourselves, connecting with people makes a big difference.


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