Why is Mami Angry?

When my children make me angry, is usually my inner child screaming for healing. My anger is based on fear, the fear that something may happen to my children. It’s quite ironic since obviously I can’t control everything and need to let God help me shape my children according to his will.

However dealing with anger in a healthy way has been truly awakening. I used to let my fears, anxiety and sadness rule my behavior towards my kids and everyone else. I learned that pausing, taking time for myself, being aware of the things that trigger my anger is vital for my recovery.

Awareness is so important because with it we take the power emotions have over us and start embracing them in a healthy way. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of raw anger remember to pause, breathe and ask yourself: Why am I angry?, am I tired, hungry, dehydrated, frustrated or lonely? Then take action according to the signals your body sent and read some refreshing insight like this:




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