Hit Pause and Enjoy the Moment

Today has been a day about pause, laying back and enjoying the blessings!

Thanks to an amazing friend of mine, I’m ready the book: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to stop yelling and start connecting, by Dr.Laura Markham; and this page really touched my heart—

“Break the cycle. Use your inner pause button. You don’t have to repeat history with your kids. Even if you’re already well down the wrong path, stop. Take a deep breath and hit the pause button. Remind yourself of what is about to happen unless you choose another course. Close your mouth, even in midsentence. Don’t be embarrassed; you’re modeling good anger management. Save your embarrassment for when you have a tantrum.”

For more info on this click here:


I’ve only read a few pages because I have to let the words sink in and apply them to my own life. Since I’ve made aware of my raw emotions, it’s been hard to just enjoy each day without making so many plans.

It’s not that I didn’t have anything to do but I choose to not do much today. I choose to do an assessment on Gabriel to see how well my teaching has been this homeschooling “year” and how much he has learned, I also saw the areas we need to work on, which is fine because he’s never going to stop learning.

I too still learn every day, another good friend of mine told me she uses this phrase often with her daughter: “Mommy is still learning to be a mommy”; let me tell you that phrase changed my mami perspective a lot.

But let me tell you about the BEST blessing today. As part of today’s pause I got an incredible gift from my boys: 20150418_164252A bag full of rainbows. Gabriel said that Giancarlo and him worked together and very hard to make these beautiful rainbows for ME.

This special gesture simply filled me up with joy and gratefulness, because my hard work of breaking the cycle is paying off.


Even if you’re overwhelmed some days, never forget to look at the little gift your children make and treasure them because they grow too fast and they will never forget them. This Mami Making Memories is true awareness of raw emotions and hitting the pause as many times you need a day is OK.

Here are a few more pics of my memory for today’s pause moment:

Taken by Gabriel Armando


Taken by Giancarlo:



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