The Day I choose Beauty over Sadness


All of my life I’ve struggled with looking myself in the mirror and loving what I see. When I entered motherhood those feelings were amplified and somewhere, somehow I was lost in between diapers, snot and a messy house. Well after a while I knew that something had to change and I started counseling. In between sessions I had to practice to start loving the person I was seeing in the mirror, I had to keep a log with info about my day, my emotions and how many times I said God made me beautiful. It took time but eventually I loved myself for the

That was five years ago, now even tho I still struggle with it some I know that I was made beautiful inside out. I’m grateful to know that no matter how tough my day was with the kids, how many pounds extra I gained due to having kids plus unhealthy eating habits and life, I can still look in the mirror and see me just as I am!

Never forget that beauty comes within and your goodness in heart will glow right out of your skin. Love yourself because if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will, even tho God will always love you regardless.



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